The Growth of Messenger Apps

The internet has changed the way wecommunicate. Social media has transformed our relationships with businesses,but there are signs that consumer behaviour has almost gone full circle - andthat’s great news for your marketing efforts.


For years, marketing online has been ano-brainer. In the same way businesses found they could reach more customers onsearch engines and social media than through radio ads, there’s always a newmarketing avenue to explore.


The prevailing approach of the last decadehas been shouting louder on the timeline than your competition. It’s workedbecause it catches customers where they are - on their favourite social mediaapp. These days though, there’s an even more popular place - dominating whereyour customer base are spending their time.


Messenger apps have overtaken social mediaapps all over the world. That’s more active users spending more time on theseplatforms. We’ve come a long way from SMS. Messaging on a phone has given usmore options over the media we can send and which groups we want to communicatein.


When Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19bn,it was an investment in the developing landscape - a move to own more of thespace it’s customers’ attentions were shifting to. Other big companies havealready followed suit - their marketing efforts now split between crowdedsocial timelines and customer-facing messenger apps.


Even the corporate approach to Twitter andInstagram is evolving. Big brands sliding into their customer’s DMs is arelatively new way for businesses to interact through ‘social media’ - a movecentred around messages, not newsfeeds.


What’s important to notice is not wherepeople hang out online but why theyare there. The gradual journey from social media to messenger apps shows adesire for 1-2-1 communication, direct feedback and informal chats. Being ableto talk to businesses in the same way we talk to friends and family is a giantstep forward in building brand relationships, and marketers are catching on tothe value that adds.


This can only be possible when people feelsafe, and messenger apps provide a level of privacy that the open forum oftraditional social media cannot. Encrypted, private chats encourage deeperconversations and personalised discussions. Sometimes there’s a need forcommunity engagement, but the growth in messenger apps highlights theimportance of being able to talk directly with customers.


Some peopledon’t respond to being talked at, but messenger apps open up the option tolisten to and communicate with your customer base. Instant feedback ispriceless when it comes to adapting and customising your message - messengerapps allow you to make the most of it.


If you’re starting out, considering howmessenger apps can aid your marketing plans is crucial. For more establishedbusinesses, including messenger apps in your current approach will ensure yourcontinued success.


Ifyour business doesn’t have a strategy that maximises the rapid growth inmessenger apps, it’s vulnerable to missing out on being in the places yourcustomers are and talking with them in the way they’d prefer.


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