Messenger Marketing: How Your Business Will Reach Customers In The Future.

Getting great results in business relies on you being able to effectively communicate with your audience. You want to reach your target market and stay in contact in a way that is convenient to them and simple for you.

That’s what my email list is  for, right?

Well yes - but how’s that goingfor you?

While building a list of emails you can contact is great, almost everyone’s inbox is filled with every other company’s attempts to do exactly the same.

Even if your message is great and your product is incredible - your audience think they’ve seen it all before. They scroll past it without even reading the headline; some of them won’t even open their inbox in the first place.

That doesn’t mean reaching out to your target market is pointless, or collecting leads online doesn’t work - but the times have changed, there’s a much better way to cut through the noise.

The answer is Messenger marketing, and here are just a few reasons why it’s the communication channel your business needs:

The Personal Touch

If you scrolled through your email inbox, you’d find most of the emails are from strangers attempting to sell you something or grab your attention.

Your Facebook Messenger inbox, however, will have far more people you actually know. Your customer’s are no different. And because it’s a two way communication method, it gives you a better opportunity to talk, and listen, to your leads - instantly.

You don’t have to just throw information at people and see what sticks, hoping for a reply. You can develop relationships in a setting your customer’s don’t consider to be spammy or intrusive.

A Chance To Be Heard

Marketing is a number’s game, not everyone you speak to is going to buy from you, but older marketing techniques are saturated - meaning very few people will even hear what you have to say.

Messenger marketing is uniquely placed to actually be seen. It reaches people wherever they are, on any device they are using. Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users, and when you communicate with someone, they’re notified immediately - no wonder the open rates are 7x greater than email!

Your Competition Isn’t Doing It. (Yet.)

Messenger marketing is growing fast, but is still in it’s infancy. If your competition are neglecting Facebook Messenger, they’re missing out.

Don’t miss the chance to get a head start.

Becoming an early adopter in this evolving channel puts you one step ahead of everyone in your industry, and means you can reach customer’s they can’t - an invaluable advantage!

A List That Works

Messenger marketing still allows you to build a list of leads, but it’s so much more than just an email address and first name. Far from being reluctant recipients of a one-size-fits-all email campaign, your prospects can receive messages that match their position in your customer cycle, based on information they have given you.

It’s organically automated, so it works for them because it’s more natural and it works better for you because you can manage the conversation in a way that leads to more sales!

Standing still in business can be fatal, and the way you communicate with your customer’s is no exception. If you aren’t speaking to your customer’s on the platforms they are actually on, in a way that really engages with them, you’ll notice your messages are less effective and your conversions will continue to plummet.

For a better look at how messenger marketing can work for your business, [CTA].