Why Facebook Messenger?

Messenger apps are the future of digital marketing and the growth of their popularity is a bandwagon worth jumping on.But not all messenger apps are created equally. If you want to make an impact,choosing the right one is vital.


Facebook Messenger is the number one choice for your messenger marketing efforts. Here are all the best reasons why:

Everyone Is There!

It’s Facebook. The app on everyone’s phone.The Silicon Valley powerhouse that’s all but monopolised consumer attention for the last decade. Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users, so it’s guaranteed that your target market are already there - ready for when your message lands. The scale of Facebook Messenger’s reach is the most compelling reason for making it the app of choice for your messenger marketing plans.

It’s Built For The Job

Some messenger apps are simply enhanced SMS replicas, popular because of their cross-platform familiarity. Facebook Messenger is designed to be maximised by marketers with embedded image galleries and call to action buttons. It’s many integrations are as perfect for capturing customer details and as they are for natural two-way communication.

It’s a dream for anyone aiming to build up a base of brand fans and continue previous, personal conversations naturally. It’s just as ideal for sending offers and promotions to just the right people.

The Ad Machine

Facebook is home to a powerful ad platform that attracts, engages and captures leads. Directing those same people to a messaging conversation on the same app creates a better opportunity to convert.

No other messaging app can create that customer journey, so choosing to build ads on one platform and talk to them on another would be a waste of your time and an extra step for the customers you want to build relationships with.

The Bigger Picture

Facebook Messenger is part of Facebook’s larger plan to transition from a traditional social media timeline to a specialised messaging service. As the owners of WhatsApp and Instagram, they are perfectly placed to develop the largest messaging hub in the world. In fact, they already have plans to. As your customers move over to messaging communities, why would you not want to be at the forefront of that marketing opportunity?

Customers Love It

There’s nothing customers like more than a personal, direct conversation with the organisation they want to do business with. In fact, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. They want quick replies that don’t sound stuffy and robotic - easy to achieve with or without automated responses on Facebook Messenger.

Because all conversations are initiated by the customer, there’s nothing spammy or unwelcome about the conversations. So you know your engaging with a willing party and your customers know any messages they receive are from a company they wanted to speak to.

If you’ve already made the decision to further explore messenger marketing, you’re missing out on the benefits above by choosing a different app and potentially limiting the impact of your efforts.

To get a better understanding of your options on Facebook Messenger and create a plan that works for your business, [CTA]