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1. Messenger Bot

Q: Do I need a Facebook Page to have a chatbot for my business?

Yes! We build messenger bots using the Manychat software that plugs directly into the Messenger platform on your Facebook business page

Q: Can I try a chatbot before paying?

Yes! You can grab a free set up guide from us on this link and you can grab a Free Manychat account at to get started without spending.

Q: Will a chatbot work for my eComm Business?

Yes! If your business has customers on or off line a chatbot & mobile wallet will be enormously beneficial for building relationships, handling your business process, running promotions and handling customer enquires.

2. Facebook Ads

Q: How are Facebook ads different from boosting posts?

Boosting posts can be effective and is an easy way to push your better performing posts on your page. A Facebook ads campaign is built from scratch with detailed audience targeting, purpose built content like video and copy all with a specific objectives in mind. Facebook ads manager is one of the best advertising platforms available today, for your business and combined with mobile wallet and Messenger becomes even more so.

Q: Facebook ads hasn't worked well for me in the past. Why is your service different?

In our experience business owners who tell us this have tried t do this themselves, sometimes just boosting posts, and had results that are not what they expected. Like anything if you hire experts who know the Facebook ad platform in detail and work on it daily to achieve results you are far more likely to get the results your business demands.

Q: Can I use Ads & Messenger on Instagram?

Hell Yes! Facebook owns both these platforms and your ads and Messenger work perfectly on Instagram today and with the work that Facebook are doing behind the scenes ( including with What's App ) will merge the messenger platform acorss all 3 which will be MASSIvE for small businesses.

3. Mobile Wallet

Q: Does this work on all SMART phones?

The mobile software works on both iOS & Android devices ( Sorry No Windows phones or Blackberry's) The main difference between iOS & Android is the the Apple devices have a native wallet app, Android users have a choice of wallets apps they can download from the Playstore, but our wallet software works on all androids.

Q: What is Mobile Wallet?

Your SMART phone Wallet app is where you store your bank cards or train tickets or big coffee chain loyalty cards ( Starbucks) we NEVER leave home without our phones, so when a business can have a digital card on their customers phones, they always have it with them and the business can push updates to their customers. These digital passes can be used for events, memberships, stamp cards, loyalty programs and more.

Q: What are the benefits of Mobile Wallet

Having your digital pass installed on your customers devices means you have a channel that you leverage to push your offers to your customers. These pushes will notify users on the phone lock screens of your offers. These passes can be geo- tagged so will remind users of the offers when they are in the immediate location of your business.

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