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After spending a decade ( wow time flies..) in the digital marketing space with our sister company Clear Web Marketing, we realised early on that the digital landscape is changing fast. The way that people connect with other people, is seeing a quantum shift right under our noses, which means that If businesses want to connect with people ( otherwise know as customers) then we needed to deliver the most effective processes in todays mobile world.

So we decided that the best way to serve our clients new clients was to dedicate BotBoss to Messenger Marketing and building automated processes that help a business have better conversations with their customers. If you have better conversations with people, you can and will grow your authority in your market place & with it your leads ands sales. Which is what it's all about isn't it?

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Our Mission

Over the last 10 years it has always been a passion of ours to help people make the most of the best business building strategies & software applications available to them.
These change regularly so us staying ahead if the curve is both vital to our clients and necessary for growth. So when Facebook announces their strategies on their Roadmap that include Messaging apps & Multi-platform (Messenger + Whats' App + Instagram) then business need to get ready. FAST!

This is why we created BotBoss, to take advantage of consumer behaviour towards messaging & the dominance of mobile in the marketing space, so we can better serve our customers to better serve their customers.

We specialise in helping business have better conversations with their prospects & customers, on the platforms that matter today.

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Humans Building Bots for Humans

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"Successful companies gravitate toward the communication channels that consumers are already using.."

That just makes sense, right?

Alexander Worth

Our Amazing Team

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Alice Rodovan
FB  Ninja

Hey! I'm Alice..
I love Facebook & Instagram Marketing, coffee & giving great customer service.
I'm here to help you get the best from your Messenger Marketing experience.

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Alexander Worth

Hi! I'm Alex, the "Bot Boss" at work and the Boss of nothing at home. I love my Wife (most of the time..) my Twin Daughters ( all of the time) building bots and I get a buzz from building out marketing campaigns.

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